Compagnia De' Colombari Website

Online Communications

For most of our clients websites are the initial focus; the center of their communication platform.  They are today’s brochure, the annual report, the product or service announcement, the community and public affairs hub, the press kit, the stakeholder relations portal.  Virtually all modern marketing communications are integrated with or from a website. 

Through this we establish the platform for strategy, purpose and engagement that integrates with social media.

We also create and integrate direct messages through list-serves that are then integrated with social media platforms.


We have managed all sorts of events from investor receptions to nonprofit seminars, sponsored street fairs to benefits and community affairs. 

From this we can share hands-on experience in strategy, planning, outreach, venue and site selection, vendor contracting,  speakers, sponsor solicitation and negotiation,  entertainment, permits, staging, production, public relations — all coordinated to yield positive and consistent stakeholder relationships. 

Constituent Management

We start with constituent management that better prepares our clients to parse effective messages to distinct targets.

For nonprofits and political action organizations this is an essential tool in a communication portfolio whether  in direct messages or through social media.  For everyone, getting information to today’s technology driven, fast-passed news and information media takes more than eloquence. 

Judicious outreach, carefully qualified and accurate constituent management  is the best means for building a meaningful relationships.