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Getting information to today’s technology driven, fast-passed news media takes more than eloquence. Newswires like Bloomberg, Associated Press and Reuters digitally scan releases for key phrases as literally thousands pass through their systems. Traditional sources like The New York Times, Conde Nast, Business Week and Forbes have print and on-line outlets. Blogs or sites like Digg, Twitter and Facebook, with "user powered content," drive each day’s hot coverage.

Where a handful of contacts previously served the press needs of an entire industry there are now hundreds. Tagging, key words, RSS feeds have become more powerful than prose itself or the most cherished contact list in determining when or if your messages reach the right people.

We are fluent in blending traditional promotions with the latest web-based interactive public relations options.  Our  campaigns have been covered in: The New York Times, The Daily News, The New York Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Vanity Fair as well as a long list of on-line news outlets.  

Here Is New York
A Democracy of Photographs;

 Elipse, Washington D.C.;
Cocoran Gallery, Washington, D.C. Sept. 2002



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Maritime Mile Press Background






Market by Market was honored to formulate and prepare a comprehensive kit and outreach campaign in 2002/2003 for a consortium of community organizations.  The campaign led to the adoption of this preservation initiative by the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation (GVSHP), support from Manhattan Community Board #2, forums as the Municipal Art Society and at the South Street Seaport Museum.  Preservation of the Greenwich Village Waterfront is now on the NY City Planning agenda for Zoning reforms.

You can read more at the GVSHP site.  Read More


here is new york: a democracy of photographs is an astonishingly healing reaction to the events of September 11, 2001.    It is a collection of more than 11,000 donated photographs--most from amateur photographers--that formed the most comprehensive archive available.  Market by Market was commissioned to coordinate: public affairs and public relations efforts, an anniversary event at the Ellipse in Washington, D.C. and an exhibition at the Corcoran Gallery of Art which garnered record breaking attendance.

Here is New York; a Democracy of Photographs

More Media Pick-Ups

Affordable Housing Campaign

(Feb. 2, 2003)

The campaign for affordable housing in New York City has centered upon preservation of the Mitchell Lama program.   Market by Market was commissioned by the West Village Houses Tenants Association to execute an outreach campaign directed at elected and appointed officials to affect legislation that would promote tenant ownership, investor tax incentives and preserve middle class housing.  The download link at the left provides an example of press and constituency outreach, including an electronic press kit with photographs and video clip picked up by all the networks, two daily newspapers and a wide variety of newsletters.

June 28, 2004.  Mayor Bloomberg announced a new plan to protect over 27,000 of the City's Mitchell-Lama apartments on Monday. The two-part initiative includes a refinancing program to restructure and extend the existing mortgages, and a repair loan program for developments in need of capital improvements.
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UPDATE:  Mitchell Lama Financing

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